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Impact Investing


Impact Investing

Impact Investing

Governments and charity alone cannot meet the challenges of poverty and environmental degradation. Impact investors play an important role in creating a better world by financially supporting social entrepreneurs who are protecting the planet while building lasting, market-based solutions for the poor.

Miller Center develops a strong relationship with impact investors focused on:

  • Providing access to social enterprises who have completed and benefitted from our entrepreneur programs and corresponding diligence work
  • Improving the success rate within the impact investing sector through training and new financial tools
  • Encouraging the participation of new entrants to the impact investing sector, including asset owners; the Catholic Church and other faith-based organizations; and International NGOs

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Miller Center Transformative Frontier

Eradicating poverty, helping the world’s poor become resilient to climate change, and empowering women economically are crucial goals for the future of humanity. Social entrepreneurship and impact investing are important avenues to achieve these goals.

Still, there is an estimated $2.5 trillion annual gap in financing the world’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). While many hope that private capital can address this deficit, the fact is that 80% of small and growing businesses (SGBs), small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and social enterprises (SEs) lack sufficient capital to thrive, grow, and scale.

At Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship, we are committed to helping social enterprises prosper and scale so they can deliver their intended social and environmental impact. Securing appropriate funding is vital to social enterprises at all stages of their development, yet we see major funding gaps that threaten the long-term success of the social enterprise movement.

To help address these gaps, we are launching The Transformative Frontier™: A Quarterly Review of Impact Investing, a publication designed to explore and spark conversations about the capital needs of social enterprises and how they are being fulfilled.