The Healthymagination Mother & Child program, run in partnership with GE’s Healthymagination team, is a 7 month program for maternal and child health innovators in sub-Saharan Africa. We connect you with seasoned, executive mentors who bring Silicon Valley principles and expertise to help you validate your business and scale your work to impact more families. The program starts and ends with in-person events - a kick-off at the GE Africa Innovation Centre in Johannesburg and a closing investor pitch event at the Sankalp Africa Forum in Nairobi.

We seek applicants who:

  • Lead an existing for-profit, nonprofit, or hybrid enterprise, in operation for two or more years in sub-Saharan Africa
  • Deliver health services directly to mothers and children from pregnancy to pediatric care;
  • OR, you provide supportive infrastructure, including water, energy, improved health services to mothers and children;
  • OR, you distribute, train, use, or maintain medical equipment; develop products or technologies that improve knowledge and access to care, including telemedicine, mobile technologies, data analysis, or image interpretation; or provide infrastructure services or facilities to mothers and children.

Mercy Owuor is the community programs director of
Lwala Community Alliance, a 2016 alum of Healthymagination Mother and Child Program, an accelerator initiative of GE Ventures and Miller Center. Lwala tackles the multi-dimensional drivers of poor health, including unplanned pregnancies, mother-to-child transmission of HIV, poor prenatal care, unskilled deliveries, poor clinical practices, lack of emergency transport, and delayed treatment of childhood illnesses. Women in Global Health (WGH) honored Mercy at the United Nations World Health Organization’s 2017 World Health Assembly (WHA) in Geneva Switzerland alongside 12 other women at the “Heroines of Health” gala where they unveiled the moving Mother + Child Program Documentary.
You can view the full-length documentary online here.

So much gratitude to the GSBI team for including us in this program. In looking back, there are many things we have in place now that I can’t believe we functioned without for so long. We’ll be benefitting from the things we learned for years to come!
— Natalie Angell-Besseling, Founder & Executive Director, Shanti Uganda
Photo courtesy of Lwala Community Alliance

Photo courtesy of Lwala Community Alliance


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