GSBI Xchange provides customized technical assistance to other social entrepreneur support organizations so they can adapt and localize the GSBI Boost, GSBI Online, or GSBI Accelerator programs in their unique environments. The goal is to share GSBI Methodology and content to strengthen the social entrepreneurial ecosystem. The GSBI Xchange can be run as a group program, or one-on-one consultation with a partner.

Meet some of our GSBI Xchange participants:

  • Social Good Brazil (Brazil)

    SGB was part of an eBay Foundation sponsored GSBI Xchange program designed to transfer GSBI Boost curriculum and methodology to their existing programs. They have adapted GSBI Boost and now currently use their Boost workshop as an add-on to their SGB Lab program
  • Marquette University (USA)

    Marquette University’s Social Innovation Initiative participated in an eBay Foundation sponsored GSBI Xchange program. To-date, Marquette University has supported over 20 Milwaukee-based social entrepreneurs using an adapted version of GSBI Boost
  • African Entrepreneur Collective (Rwanda)

    AEC participated in a virtual GSBI Xchange, which trained over 20 organizations on our GSBI Methodology and GSBI Boost. Over the 5 webinar program, AEC localized GSBI Boost and integrated GSBI curriculum into their service offering for social entrepreneurs, including refugee business training with the UNHCR
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Banner photo courtesy of Library For All