Scaling Impact Through the GSBI Network

The GSBI Network consists of a group of mission-aligned organizations committed to the promotion and support of social entrepreneurship worldwide. The GSBI Network starts with the belief that creating partnerships, sharing resources, and learning from others will increase our collective impact. We work with partners in a variety of ways, some adapt the GSBI Methodology to their local context through our GSBI Xchange program, others work with us on our Replication Initiative, and we partner with the community of Jesuits around the world who have deep roots within underserved communities.

Other partners include:

Localize GSBI
Disseminate and localize GSBI Methodology

Facilitate GSBI
Facilitate GSBI-led programing around the world

Support Miller Center’s replication efforts

Jesuit Network
Leveraging the reach of Jesuits within underserved communities

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Banner photo courtesy of Santa Clara University