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The GSBI® Network consists of a group of mission-aligned organizations committed to the promotion and support of social entrepreneurship worldwide. The GSBI® Network starts with the belief that creating partnerships, sharing resources, and learning from others will increase our collective impact. We work with partners in a variety of ways, some adapt the GSBI® Methodology to their local context through our GSBI® Xchange program, others work with us on our Replication Initiative, and we partner with the community of Jesuits around the world who have deep roots within underserved communities.

Localize GSBI® :   Disseminate and localize GSBI® Methodology

Facilitate GSBI® :   Facilitate GSBI-led programming around the world

Replication : Support Miller Center’s replication efforts

Jesuit Network : Leveraging the reach of Jesuits within under-served communities











Banner photo courtesy of Santa Clara University