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The GSBI Network is a group of mission-aligned organizations committed to the promotion and support of social entrepreneurs worldwide. The GSBI Network starts with the belief that creating partnerships, sharing resources, and learning from others will increase our collective impact.

Formally founded in 2011, the GSBI Network has grown to 25 universities and impact accelerators spanning 17 countries. GSBI Network members meet in-person annually, participate in action-oriented working groups, share lessons in bi-monthly webinars, and collaborate on projects such as GSBI Xchange.

GSBI Network activities are constructed around three goals:

  • Develop more effective capacity development programs for social entrepreneurs. Cumulatively, the GSBI Network has provided capacity building programs to over 2,000 social entrepreneurs and helped 167 social enterprises raise $19 million in funding
  • Learn through action-oriented research projects. The GSBI Network members co-published articles, develop social entrepreneurial case studies, and leverage our partnerships to inspire social entrepreneurship
  • Educate and engage students and communities in supporting the social entrepreneurial ecosystem. In 2014 the GSBI Network leveraged local business leaders to have mentored over 500 social enterprises. We have also developed and managed over 400 student internships and fellowships and lectured over 60 social entrepreneurship classes

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