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The GSBI Mentor Program is a unique aspect of the GSBI, and provides each entrepreneur with personal, one-on-one relationships that help bring the vision of the social entrepreneur to life. Our mentors are our "secret sauce" who make a difference to our social entrepreneurs and their enterprises. 

Mentorship is a key aspect of the GSBI Methodology. GSBI distinguishes itself from other capacity development organizations for social enterprises through the quality and depth of its mentoring. GSBI mentors, who are successful Silicon Valley business executives with decades of experience and connections, volunteer to work intensively with GSBI social entrepreneurs. They provide hands-on knowledge of what it takes to build enterprises.


Social entrepreneurs are doing great work to solve the problems of poverty and social justice. It is a great learning experience for me as a mentor and very satisfying to be able to make a contribution to their effort.
— GSBI Lead Mentor, Online Cohort 9

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  • Rewarding and inspiring for your own personal experience
  • Opportunity to work with ambitious and impactful social entrepreneurs across the globe
  • The GSBI program provides you with great materials to ensure progress with your entrepreneur

We are looking for mentors with strong business and operational experience. While ideal mentors exhibit a number of qualities, we are especially seeking individuals with a passion to become a trusted advisor. The mentors must have the interpersonal skills to interact and empathize with a person from a different culture, who is often struggling with minimal resources and funding.

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