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We are currently seeking alumni who are ready to scale! This new program offers customized curriculum, and flexible mentorship for you to work on your biggest barriers to growth.


From building out your board of directors to understanding the range of impact investment vehicles. If applicable, you will also have access to our newest curriculum and specialized mentors supporting you in managing geographical expansion into new markets or territories.

The Alumni Mentorship Program is now accepting applications! Learn more and apply.

Leading Social Enterprises

GSBI Alumni represent a wide variety of leaders in the social enterprise movement. Our alumni include founders of major institutions like Kiva, VisionSpring, and Sankara Eye Care, as well as rising stars like Galen Welsh of Jibu and Alloysious Attah of Farmerline.

GSBI Alumni receive access to a range of services designed to ensure that they can translate the lessons learned through the GSBI accelerator programs into real growth and impact. From a database of over 500 Impact Investors, to a directory of trusted service providers, to regional networking events with 700+ global GSBI Alumni, our alumni engagement and support services ensure that our social entrepreneurs don’t have to face any challenges alone.

GSBI Alumni represent a community of social entrepreneurs who have collectively raised approximately $1B ($480M post-GSBI accelerator programs), and improved, transformed, or saved the lives of 380M+ people (194M post-GSBI accelerator programs).

The GSBI program works. 93% of graduates from the 2016 GSBI Accelerator raised investment within 6 months and they were able to increase the reach of their impact by an average of 57% within 1 year of graduation.

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GSBI Alum Infographics

Hear what our alumni have to say about the transformative experience they had with GSBI.

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