Scaling Clean Energy Companies

Miller Center and New Ventures India (NVI) have partnered to help distributed renewable energy companies provide clean energy to 1 million Indians by 2018. The project is supported by USAID under the Energy Access Investment Readiness Program. Miller Center will use its GSBI® methodology to mentor entrepreneurs as they develop their plans for growth and NVI will facilitate the investment of $41 million to the enterprises to help scale their businesses.

Benefits to Social Entrepreneurs:

  • Receive GSBI’s structured curriculum and experience a business audit to identify goals and challenges layered with in-depth mentorship from Silicon Valley entrepreneurs
  • Benefit from NVI’s on the ground knowledge
  • Acquire the benefit of our investment facilitation with banks, non-banking finance companies as well as impact investors 

Benefit to Investors: 

  • Connect with investment-ready enterprises that have been vetted and coached by our seasoned team members and mentors
  • Obtain investable opportunities that match your criteria
  • Provide your portfolio companies with business support to prepare them for their next funding round

What Types of Clean Energy Companies Can Participate?

  • We support renewable energy companies across various technologies (solar, wind, biomass, biogas, small hydro) and applications (lighting, cooking, agriculture, water, livelihood generation, food processing, horticulture, education and health).
  • We are looking for enterprises that are implementing various businesses and financing models, working in different markets in various geographies across India.
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For more information, visit the project website.

Banner photo courtesy of Onergy