Ensuring Access to Affordable, Reliable
& Clean Energy

Ensuring access to affordable, reliable, and clearn energy for all is a necessary part of eliminating global poverty while protecting our planet. Social entrepreneurs deploying new technologies and business models throughout the developing world have enabled hundreds of millions of people to reap the health and economic benefits of modern energy.

Yet, nearly 1 billion people still live without electricity and 3 billion people cook with polluting fuel and stove combinations.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #7 seeks to redress this situation, and we work with social entrepreneurs at the forefront of the effort.

Doing Our part

Work with Us

We welcome the chance to engage with:

  • Social entrepreneurs looking for mentoring to grow or scale out their organization

  • Impact investors and grant funders looking to maximize the impact of their investments

  • Potential new mentors and experts willing to share their knowledge and time

  • Other intermediary organizations tackling energy access interested in exploring partnership opportunities

Additional Resources

Energy Access Partners:

To learn more about our work in energy access and to explore partnership opportunities, contact: gsbi@scu.edu

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