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Preserve our planet


Preserve our planet

Building Resilience to Climate Change

Why Focus on Climate Resilience?

Climate resilience is the ability of communities to:

  • Absorb the stresses of climate change – those already underway – that threaten their health, livelihoods, and security
  • Adopt more sustainable systems to cope with future climate change impacts

In addition, women are more vulnerable to the effects of climate change than men, so it is important to identify gender-sensitive strategies that can reduce the environmental and humanitarian tragedies caused by global warming. 

Our Commitment to Climate Resilience 

Miller Center has worked with more than 730 social enterprises, of which more than 50% provide solutions — in clean water, energy, health, and sustainable rural development sectors — aimed at coping with climate change disruptions. 

Partnering with USAID and New Ventures India for Energy Access

Energy Access India is a program run by Miller Center and New Ventures, with the support of USAID, to help renewable energy companies provide clean energy to 1 million Indians by facilitating up to $41 million in investment through a customized capacity development and investment facilitation program. 

Partnering with Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves (GACC)

Since 2014, GACC and Miller Center have partnered to support the adoption of clean cookstoves and fuels through the development of clean cookstove entrepreneurs in the GSBI Accelerator and GSBI Online programs, and through several GSBI Boost workshops. This year, 50% of the GACC awards went to Miller Center GSBI Alumni. 

Miller Center GSBI Alumni Partner with GSBF Action Research

Global Social Benefit Fellows work side-by-side with social enterprises focused on climate resilience. 

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