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Meet the 18 Members of the 2019 GSBI In-residence Accelerator Cohort

Meet the 18 Members of the 2019 GSBI In-residence Accelerator Cohort

Every year, up-and-coming social entrepreneurs from around the world complete the rigorous GSBI Online Accelerator curriculum, and the 18 social enterprises of Cohort 17 are some of the most promising alumni to date. In the culmination of six months of transformative mentorship, these organizations have truly risen to the challenge, emerging with tangible growth so that they can better accomplish sustainable social change. For these social enterprises that have already been serving their target beneficiaries for one to five years, the online accelerator helped strengthen and validate their:

  • Impact and business model

  • Growth plan

  • Financial model

  • Funding plan

With tools of market success refined, these social entrepreneurs can now achieve maximum potential and maintain a sustainable business model while keeping their social impact missions the driving force of their enterprises.

The social entrepreneurs in Cohort 14 are achieving impact in a variety of sectors, but whatever their focus and wherever they work, they are tackling deeply rooted problems, asking the hard questions, and breaking unjust equilibrium.

Many of these social enterprises tackle a combination of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in different ways and every one of the 18 social entrepreneurs are already making lasting change.

Perhaps the most uniquely beneficial part of the GSBI Online Accelerator is the close mentorship from Silicon Valley professionals, who commit to providing insightful advice to their mentees each week.

Are you ready to scale and create lasting impact?

We’re currently recruiting for two new GSBI cohorts. Learn more about these exciting opportunities.

Meet the 2019 In-residence cohort

Organization Name: CityTaps
Headquarters: France
Enterprise Type: For-Profit
Description: Develop and deploy technological and financial innovations to help water utilities serve the urban poor
Countries Impacted: Africa

Organization Name: Cycle Connect
Headquarters: Uganda
Enterprise Type: Hybrid
Description: Increase income for East African smallholder farmers through productive asset financing and training
Countries Impacted: Uganda

Organization Name: Dandelion Africa
Headquarters: Kenya
Enterprise Type: Non-Profit
Description: Improve sexual health and economy of women in Kenya
Countries Impacted: Kenya


Organization Name: Development in Gardening (DIG)
Headquarters: Atlanta, GA, USA
Enterprise Type: Non-Profit
Description: Enable vulnerable communities to become more resilient, healthy and connected through nutrition-sensitive and climate-smart agriculture using a community-led model
Countries Impacted: Africa

Organization Name: East Africa Fruits Co.
Headquarters: Tanzania
Enterprise Type: For-Profit
Description: Modernize agribusiness and increase farmers’ income by reducing post-harvest losses and adding value to produce
Countries Impacted: Tanzania


Organization Name: Ellie Fun Day
Headquarters: San Jose, CA, USA
Enterprise Type: Hybrid
Description: Improve access to sustainable employment for victims of domestic violence, human trafficking and marginalized women in India and around the world
Countries Impacted: India


Organization Name: Eneza Education Ghana Ltd.
Headquarters: Kenya
Enterprise Type: For-Profit
Description: Making 50 million African learners smarter by leveraging on SMS, USSD and web technology
Countries Impacted: Ghana


Organization Name: Gham Power
Headquarters: Nepal
Enterprise Type: For-Profit
Description: Helping small holder farmers increase income
Countries Impacted:

Screen Shot 2019-07-23 at 11.58.58 AM.png

Organization Name: Grassroots Energy Inc.
Headquarters: India
Enterprise Type: For-Profit
Description: Provide sustainable energy solutions in the emerging economies
Countries Impacted: India


Organization Name: Ignis Careers
Headquarters: India
Enterprise Type: Hybrid
Description: Improve access to empowering education for the under privileged communities in India
Countries Impacted: India


Organization Name: Jhumki Basu Foundation
Headquarters: Saratoga, CA, USA
Enterprise Type: Non-Profit
Description: Guarantee that every underserved American student receives an excellent STEM education
Countries Impacted: United States of America


Organization Name: Kantaya
Headquarters: Peru
Enterprise Type: Non-Profit
Description: Promote the human development of children in vulnerable areas in Peru, through an efficient and replicable academic and social emotional training model that links family and society
Countries Impacted: Peru

Organization Name: Kwangu Kwako Ltd.
Headquarters: Kenya
Enterprise Type: For-Profit
Description: Co-create opportunities for dignified living that is accessible to underserved communities
Countries Impacted: East Africa


Organization Name: Leap Skills
Headquarters: India
Enterprise Type: For-Profit
Description: Delivering high-quality workplace skills to the youth from small towns and rural India to bridge the skill gap in the country
Countries Impacted: India

Organization Name: Mauqa Online
Headquarters: Pakistan
Enterprise Type: For-Profit
Description: Provide jobs to uneducated people
Countries Impacted: Pakistan

Organization Name: NeMoCare Wellness Pvt Ltd.
Headquarters: India
Enterprise Type: For-Profit
Description: Be an integral part of a world where no child ever dies of a cause that is completely preventable
Countries Impacted: India

Headquarters: Kenya
Enterprise Type: For-Profit
Description: Provide affordable and sustainable universal basic utility access (UBUA) to empower rural livelihoods, eradicate poverty, and combat climate change
Countries Impacted: Kenya

Organization Name: The Alchemist Lab (Fun Science for Extra Curricular Activities)
Headquarters: Jordan
Enterprise Type: For-Profit
Description: Empower children & youth, through interactive hands on experiences, with the skills they need to explore themselves & the world around them with confidence & determination
Countries Impacted: Jordan; The Middle East

Implementation in action: one community advancing the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals

Implementation in action: one community advancing the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals

One community made up of 25 social business leaders, 63 executive mentors, and 18 social enterprises is tackling all but four of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals

This community formed in January, where it began its journey together through the GSBI In-Residence accelerator program. This August that journey culminated with 10-days at Santa Clara University where Silicon Valley’s best talents and teachings collaborated with the world’s most innovative social change makers to examine how to scale solutions to the world’s most pressing problems. Problems these social entrepreneurs have taken on by answering the questions:

How might we help the 4 billion people living in poverty get into the middle class?

How do we get affordable, clean energy to the 1.6 billion without electricity?

How do we provide clean, safe drinking water to the 750 million without?

At the end of our 10 days together, the entrepreneurs also had answers to the questions of: how do you create and track social impact, how does the business model work, what is the growth strategy, are the financials credible, and, how effectively are you managing the operations of your business?

If you are interested in their answers, I invite you to watch these powerful video presentations, and read these overview profiles.

The enterprises presented above carry the courage, brilliance, grit, and visions of the leaders, teams, and beneficiaries they represent. They also encompass the dedicated mentorship and guidance from professionals who accompanied decades of tacit knowledge into 18 audacious, infinitely important missions.

I invite you to join our network of 900+ social entrepreneur alumni by applying to our programs, 200+ executive mentors, 100+ student fellows, and growing community of supporters.

For those already on the journey with us, I thank you.

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Cassandra Staff
Chief Operating Officer
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