We at Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship are thrilled to announce the 49 social entrepreneurs (SEs) we will be supporting with executive mentorship and customized content through GSBI accelerator programs launching January 2019!

7 SEs focused on delivering off-grid energy solutions through microgrids will be working through a playbook, leveraging best practices and lessons learning from GSBI Alumni organizations with similar technologies. This Microgrid Playbook GSBI accelerator cohort is part of a portfolio of programming focused on the replication of scalable social enterprise models as well as Miller Center’s continued focus on off-grid energy. Read more about the cohort here, or read through to the end of this blog for a list of the participating SEs.

42 SEs with a broad range of solutions addressing poverty will be participating in Miller Center’s signature GSBI Online accelerator program, focused on building more sustainable, scalable solutions through a market-based approach. Our largest cohort yet! Each participating organization will work with 2-3 executive mentors who act as trusted advisors over a 6-month process through which they assess, develop, and refine the organizations impact model, business model, growth strategy, operations, and financial planning by working through learning modules over weekly calls. We are excited to test a new affinity group model to better support the specific needs of women-led companies, leaders of organizations that are focused on social impact in the San Francisco Bay Area, leaders of organizations that are focused on ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy for people living in poverty, and leaders of organizations that build distribution channels for a range of beneficial products and services to rural or urban populations, also called, last-mile distributors.

Up to 20 of the SEs from this GSBI Online accelerator cohort will be invited to participate in our GSBI In-residence program, a 9-day intensive bootcamp hosted at Santa Clara University in August. Save the date for our Investor Showcase August 21, 2019 and read more about the cohort here and at the end of this blog.

Since 2003, Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship has supported over 900 social entrepreneurs through executive mentorship and customized content, and over the years we have experimented with and refined our model as we strive towards continuous improvement to better accompany social entrepreneurs on their journeys. When we started offering social enterprise acceleration support, we began with a program supporting 10-20 organizations per year, primarily through an in-residence model. Over time, we discovered that much of our training could be delivered online with an expanded mentor network, reserving our costly GSBI In-residence program for our most scalable ventures. We launched our GSBI Online model in 2012 which now supports the majority of our ≈150 SE per year throughput. Currently, we are proud to offer a variety of acceleration models that augment the accompaniment of social entrepreneurs with customizations to: training modality (online, in-person, or both), content (stage-specific, region-specific, technology-specific), duration (3-day workshops vs. 6-month courses), as well as variations to cohort makeup (by region or sector).

As we welcome another cohort of social entrepreneurs participating in our GSBI accelerator programs, we are proud to be supporting their work in our mission to end poverty and protect the planet.

We are pleased to welcome the following 49 social entrepreneurs to Miller Center’s GSBI accelerator programs this month, that are addressing the needs of those living in poverty across 22 countries!

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Cassandra Staff is the Chief Operating Officer for at Santa Clara University's Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship. She is responsible for the success of various Global Social Benefit Institute (GSBI) accelerator programs as well as program support functions and systems that support Miller Center operations.