2019 Programs

Miller Center’s Global Social Benefit Institute (GSBI®) offers 6 months of highly customized mentorship and content with an opportunity to attend 10-days in-residence at Santa Clara University in August 2019.

The 2019 GSBI programs will offer additional content and more peer-to-peer collaboration opportunities for leaders who identify with the following affinity groups:

  • ENERGY: organization is focused on ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy for people living in poverty.

  • LAST-MILE DISTRIBUTION: organization builds distribution channels for a range of beneficial products and services to rural or urban populations.

  • BAY AREA-based IMPACT: organization's impact is focused on beneficiaries within the San Francisco Bay Area.

  • WOMEN-LED: organization's founding or executive team is woman-led.

More information

For detailed information and FAQs, review this overview document which includes more about GSBI accelerator programs and our 2019 affinity groups.


If you are like many of our GSBI® Alumni, an advisor, funder, or fellow social entrepreneur encouraged you to apply.

If your business is operational, focused on serving people living below the poverty line, and you can commit 3-6 hours per week towards working with your mentor through program deliverables, we invite you to apply.

Whether you are seeking support for specific questions like:

  • How do I negotiate with potential funders?

  • I need to improve my operations - where do I begin and how do I measure progress?

  • How much funding should I be raising right now? Should it be debt, equity, or grants, and who do I talk to?

Or, whether you need a trusted advisor to dig into your day-to-day challenges and help you and your organization grow. GSBI® programs can help.


GSBI® programs will challenge you. We will dare you to be bigger and better. And we will provide you with practical tools to rise to that challenge.

GSBI® is NOT a pitch program. Your pitch is the tip of the iceberg - we focus on the massive impact you have your eyes set on and the body of work that is required to get there.

GSBI® Mentors do NOT helicopter in. Mentorship does not happen through speed pitches or networking events - it happens over time by committed individuals with shared trust and a nuanced understanding of what makes your social business unique.

GSBI® provides a platform for you to access to help you manage your business’s day-to-day operations, capital-raising efforts, and the unpredictable and risky environment of global development. You will gain immediate value from working with your mentors, and with each other.

Social entrepreneurs selected into GSBI® Online or GSBI® Accelerator receive:

  • Two mentors to work with for the program duration

  • Program management from GSBI® staff with regular communications to keep you on-track and provide support as needed, along with useful sector resources

  • Content tailored to your business needs with templates, tools, and resources

  • A full scholarship for the program costs*

*GSBI® In-residence accelerator participants are expected to pay for round-trip airfare for the 10-day in-residence portion of the program in August at Santa Clara University.

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Applications for GSBI accelerator programs launching January 2019 are now closed.
If you would like to be notified of our next application cycle, provide your contact information in the form on this page.

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Miller Center's GSBI® programs are designed for social enterprises that are operating and are committed to addressing the needs of those living in poverty through a market-based approach. For many entrepreneurs seeking support, GSBI® programs are not a fit. We are proud to be a member of and have worked in partnership since 2013 to contribute towards the development of all social impact incubators and accelerators, and tools that help social entrepreneurs find the right program for their needs. We are pleased to host the Accelerator Selection Tool below, and hope that if GSBI programs are not a fit for your needs, that you find another resource that is.