Social entrepreneurship can be lonely,
let us accompany you along your journey.

We're Currently Seeking Applicants for Three New Global Social Benefit Institute (GSBI®) Accelerator Programs!


GSBI Alumni, are you ready to scale your impact?

Join us, our new program offers:

  • Customized curriculum

  • Flexible mentorship

  • Barrier busting strategies for growth

The Alumni Mentorship Program is now accepting applications, apply today!


Last year, we launched GSBI Social Entrepreneurship at the Margins (SEM), a 6-month accelerator program for enterprises serving or led by migrants, refugees, and human trafficking survivors.

This year, we're seeking qualified social enterprises to join our second cohort!

Learn more about SEM and apply by August 23

Challenge Yourself to Build & Scale your Social Enterprise.

GSBI® dares you to be bigger and better. Don’t worry, we provide you with guidance and practical tools to rise to the challenge.

GSBI helps social entrepreneurs help more people. Since 2003 we have accelerated 1,000+ social entrepreneurs, who have raised approximately $1B ($480 million post-GSBI accelerator programs), and positively impacted the lives of more than 380 million people (194 million post-GSBI accelerator programs). 

What makes our accelerator different?

  • GSBI is always free to the entrepreneur

    • All Miller Center GSBI accelerator programs are offered at no charge to selected social enterprises.

  • We are NOT a pitch program

    • Your pitch is only the tip of the iceberg - we focus on the massive impact you have your eyes set on and the body of work that is required to get there.

    • From blueprint to scale, we walk with you every step of the way.

  • Mentors do NOT helicopter in 

    • Mentorship is tailored to your enterprise through an interview process, not through speed pitches or networking events.

    • Two executive mentors accompany you as trusted advisors and guide you through the curriculum and any other advice you may need for the duration of the 6 or 10-month program..

    • Starting in January, you will develop and build upon your impact model, business model, growth plan, financial model, and operating plan.

  • You get complete access to our online community (needs more info)

    • Seek help, manage your business’s day-to-day operations, capital-raising efforts, and the unpredictable and risky environment of global development.

    • Program management from GSBI staff with regular communications to keep you on-track and provide support as needed, along with useful sector resources Content tailored to your business needs with templates, tools, and resources

Find Clarity amidst the chaos

We offer two distinct accelerator programs to social entrepreneurs, tailored to your stage of development. There is no need to figure out which program suits you best as we offer one application for both programs.

“the most rigorous social impact accelerator in the world”

  • GSBI Online accelerator Supports organizations with some initial traction, proof of social impact, and are creating a business model to enable rapid growth. This is a 6-month program conducted entirely online and offered several times per year.

    • Typically for organizations in operation for 1-5 years

    • Have teams of less than 20

    • Serve hundreds or thousands of beneficiaries living below the poverty line since founding

    • Can commit 3-6 hours per week 

  • GSBI In-residence accelerator is our signature program and for the highest potential social enterprises we can find. During a 10-day in-residence boot camp at Santa Clara University in August, you will come together with the rest of your cohort, Miller Center staff, Silicon Valley’s experienced business executives, and invited experts from around the globe, to provide you with constructive feedback in a high-octane, supportive environment. The in-residence culminates in an Investor Showcase, where you have the opportunity to pitch to 100s of potential investors.

    • This program supports organizations that have been in operation for 5+ years

    • Have teams of 5 to 500

    • Serve thousands or tens of thousands of beneficiaries since founding 

    • Can commit 3-6 hours per week 

    • Social entrepreneurs are eligible to participate in GSBI In-residence following a readiness assessment while participating in the 10-month GSBI Online program.

    • At the GSBI Investor Showcase, you will present your business opportunity to hundreds of potential investors and supporters. We will connect social entrepreneurs to our robust network of over 500 impact investors, grant funders and active relationships in the impact ecosystem.

    • Look through a sample In-residence Syllabus to get a feel for what you’re in store for during the 10-day in-residence.

    • *GSBI In-residence accelerator participants are expected to pay for round-trip airfare for the 10-day in-residence portion of the program in August at Santa Clara University.

Our Methodology

GSBI is a pioneer in social enterprise capacity development, has continuously improved its methodology since its founding in 2003. The lessons GSBI has learned from working with over 1000 social enterprises are broadly applicable to capacity development efforts across sectors and geographies. Our suite of stage-specific programs for early and mid-stage social enterprises, along with our network of partners, collectively serve hundreds of impact organizations annually.

GSBI has developed a methodology that revolves around three dynamic interactive aspects:

  • Social enterprise selection: GSBI works with social entrepreneurs running non-profit, for-profit or hybrid businesses aimed at improving the lives of people living in poverty. We connect these social enterprise leaders with executive-level Silicon Valley mentors who have decades of experience running companies, delivering products/services to market, building teams, and managing risk. 

  • Stage-specific programs: We know every entrepreneur's journey is unique. Our integrated and systematic approach allows for program participants and their mentors to customize, supplement, and adjust the program to the enterprise’s needs.

  • Executive-level mentoring: Through immersive mentorishp, rigorous curriculum and weekly calls over the 6-10 months of our program, mentors and participants work through practical approaches developing or refining enterprise business models, impact models, and growth strategies to develop sustainable, scalable market-based solutions to the problems of those living in poverty around the world.

GSBI® invites applications from social enterprises that are “impact first,” meaning that their primary mission is to deliver goods and services to those in need.

Helping organizations achieve sustainable growth and scale involves four crucial factors that our mentors will work with program participants to develop:

  • Impact Model: mission statement, problem statement, theory of change, formalized metrics collection, and documented impact metrics.

  • Business Model: target market, unit economics, integration with impact model, evidence of customer success, value chain, and codified partner relations.

  • Scalable Operations: operating plans with budgets, strategic initiatives, process manuals, and key performance indicators.

  • Investment Ready: historical financial results and multi-year financial projections, detailed breakeven analysis showing profit and cash flow, a logical and justifiable financial ask including working capital and match of capital to use, and a complete due diligence folder.

If you have additional questions, reach us

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Watch the video below to learn more about the GSBI Accelerator Programs


Accelerate scaling your enterprise : GSBI Framework for sustainable growth and Scalability

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