You are already ahead of the competition

Miller Center has built strong relationships with many capital partners. Our partners trust in our methodologies and know that the ventures that complete the GSBI programs are ready for investment, and better prepared to succeed and scale their businesses. After completing a GSBI program, you are already ahead of the competition. Now is your chance to shine. Innovation Challenge: Apply by May 1, 2016 has launched an Innovation Challenge to recognize individuals and organizations working on internet-based solutions to promote education and economic empowerment in countries throughout Africa. 

Amplify Agricultural Innovation Challenge: Apply by May 2, 2016 is calling on entrepreneurs, NGOs, designers and social innovators to develop solutions that reduce waste and improve the livelihoods of small-scale farmers. Winners will receive a grant of $50,000 to $150,000.

CTI-PFAN Initiative: Apply by May 8, 2016
CTI-PFAN is now accepting proposals from the Eastern and Southern regions of Africa for the Sida PFAN Initiative on Clean Energy Financing (SPICEF). This initiative seeks to nurture entrepreneurs with environmentally beneficial business proposals.

Green Challenge: Apply by June 1, 2016
The Postcode Lottery Green Challenge is the largest international competition in the field of sustainability innovation. They are looking for green entrepreneurs with a sustainable business plan. The winner is rewarded with €500,000 to further develop his or her product or service and bring it to market. The runner-up will receive €200,000.

Global Innovation Awards: Apply by June 1, 2016
The Global Innovation Awards celebrates global entrepreneurship and supports innovative startups. Over 100 global incubators, accelerators and venture capitalists connect to discover, cultivate, and invest in the top startups. Finalists will receive cash awards up to $1.5 million. All winners will receive investment from Peakview Capital as well as national exposure to investors and the largest growth companies in China.

Artha Venture Challenge: Apply by August 16, 2016
The Artha Venture Challenge (AVC) seeks to uncover social entrepreneurs in India with the skills, ambition, and tenacity to deliver disruptive social change and sustainable financial returns. The selected enterprises will get access to incubation support, networks, and mentoring designed by Villgro. The AVC helps entrepreneurs focused on attracting early stage, patient capital by providing up to INR 60 lakh (USD $100,000) in match funding, with the goal of co-investing with partner investors.

Featured Partners

When Toniic presents a GSBI investment opportunity to our investor base; the GSBI brand is akin to a certification. It provides greater comfort to our members who are seeking to finance outstanding social enterprises. We know that the GSBI alumnae are well prepared by their mentors who have asked them hard questions and helped them hone in their value proposition, business model, growth plan and ability to communicate effectively. GSBI is a deal flow partner to us because we highly value the work that goes into every and each entrepreneur who has graduated from this world class program
— Stephanie Cohn Rupp, CEO of Toniic
GSBI has been a valuable partner to the Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation. Many of our DRK entrepreneurs…developed their business plan with the GSBI. The GSBI’s focus on the business model, unit economics and market orientation, clearly helped these organizations refine their plans and accelerated their growth to achieve more impact. GSBI is a fabulous program and one we recommend to early stage social entrepreneurs.
— Christy Chin, Partner, DRK Foundation
GSBI mentors help take the company to the next level…GSBI provides entrepreneurs with guidance on the capital raising process…if a company has gone through the GSBI Accelerator, we believe there is a greater likelihood that we can engage with the company in a meaningful way to allocate capital...
— Thomas Light, Director Capital Management, Grameen Foundation