The Impact Capital Team Helps Entrepreneurs and Investors

  • Helps social entrepreneurs with financial coaching and unlocking funding through innovative financial products
  • Helps investors learn more about impact investing and how to practice 100% impact portfolio activation

What We Do for Social Entrepreneurs

Working with the GSBI, the Impact Capital team, prepares social entrepreneurs for investment. We provide practical coaching to help social entrepreneurs be due-diligence ready in their meeting with potential investors. 

We Prepare Social Entrepreneurs for Investment

The Impact Capital team designs materials to train social entrepreneurs to measure and sharpen their business operations and growth plans. We walk through financial planning, financial statements, and cash-flow management. In the GSBI Accelerator, we individually coach social entrepreneurs on various capital structures and valuation techniques. 

Criteria For Investment:

  • Strength of team
  • Value proposition
  • Business model
  • Governance
  • Validation

Connections to Silicon Valley Investors

At the Investor Showcase, the culmination of the GSBI Accelerator program, social entrepreneurs present to an audience of Silicon Valley investors and donors. Afterwards, interested investors meet our social entrepreneurs one-on-one. In 2014, 85% of our GSBI Accelerator social entrepreneurs received investment within 6 months after the Investor Showcase. Watch the 2015 GSBI Accelerator Investor Showcase.

What We Do for Impact Investors

Provide Deal Flow

The social entrepreneurs and small and growing businesses we work with are vetted and polished organizations that provide products and services to underserved populations and help improve the environment. They have the potential to impact hundreds of thousands of people in the delivery of healthcare, clean energy, financial services, women's empowerment, and more.

The Global Social Benefit Institute’s focus on the business model, unit economics, and market orientation, clearly helped these organizations refine their plans and accelerate their growth to achieve more impact.
— Christy Remey Chin, Managing Director DRK Foundation

Develop New Financial Tools

We work with individual investors and banks to structure new financial products that aim to improve the repayment cycle and ease capital access for social enterprises.

Encourage 100% Portfolio Activation

With the emergence of intentional impact investment opportunities across broad asset classes and impact sectors, forming a 100% impact portfolio is no longer a dream. We aim to be at the leading edge of this work.   

Investor Education

We are committed to growing the impact investing field, including leading executive education courses and teaching investment manager courses at Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE).

The Impact Capital Department is partners with Toniic. Its vision is to build a global financial ecosystem creating positive social and environmental impact.


Impact Capital Investment Manager Training

240 people over the course of 377 days participated in Investor Management Training