We Help Social Entrepreneurs Achieve Scale

The Global Social Benefit Institute (GSBI) serves social entrepreneurs around the world who are developing innovative solutions that provide a sustainable path out of poverty.

We are helping social entrepreneurs fulfill their promise of solving big social problems through structured curriculum layered with in-depth mentorship by over 100 Silicon Valley executives. The result: you will have a stronger business, and be ready to receive investment and scale your solutions for global impact.

At Every Stage of Development

We meet you where you are in your organization's lifecycle. We provide programs focused on your business model and tailored to your distinct and stage-specific needs. We offer in-depth mentoring and connections to impact investors.

For-profits, non-profits, and hybrids – in any region of the world – are welcome to apply.

All of our programs are cost-free to selected program participants.


GSBI Boost (Blueprint stage)

GSBI Boost is a 3-day, in-person workshop for early-stage social entrepreneurs. You gain a business plan and develop a business model that demonstrates your impact, growth, and long-term financial sustainability.

GSBI Online (Validate stage)

GSBI Online is a 6-month, virtual program for early-stage social entrepreneurs. Work weekly with one of our mentors to improve your business model and growth strategy, create your business plan, and test assumptions. You get a viable strategy for growing your enterprise in a financially sustainable way with a validated business model.

GSBI Accelerator (Prepare Stage)

GSBI Accelerator is a 10-month mentored program for established social entrepreneurs who are looking to massively scale their solutions. Meet weekly with two mentors. Address internal gaps in your organization. Prepare for significant investment. You walk away with a strategy for expanding to serve new beneficiaries or create new products, with a plan and connections to enable that growth.



GSBI By the Numbers

As of January 2016:

  • Over 570 social enterprises have worked with GSBI programs
  • 100% of GSBI Accelerator social entrepreneurs say they would refer the GSBI Accelerator program to other social entrepreneurs
  • Over 100 Silicon Valley executives comprise the GSBI mentor cadre, an entirely volunteer network
  • 300 hours is about how long a social entrepreneur receives mentorship throughout the duration of the GSBI Accelerator program
  • 25 mission-aligned partners comprise the GSBI Network, working in 17 countries
  • 85% of the social entrepreneurs in the 2014 GSBI Accelerator cohort received funding within 6 months of the program



Photo Credit: Mobile Alliance for Maternal Health

Photo Credit: Mobile Alliance for Maternal Health

healthymagination Mother & Child Program

GE and Miller Center are partnering to tackle one of the world’s most pressing problems: maternal and child health. We are training and mentoring social entrepreneurs working on mother and child health care innovations in sub-Saharan Africa. Learn more.

GSBI Accelerator Investment Profiles

Our GSBI Accelerator program prepares leading social enterprises to scale. Read their investment profiles and reach out to them!

2015 GSBI Accelerator Cohort

2015 GSBI Accelerator Cohort

GSBI Online Investment Profiles

Our GSBI Online program strengthens the business models of early-stage social enterprises. Read the investment profiles of our latest GSBI Online cohort.

2015 GSBI Online Cohort 6

2015 GSBI Online Cohort 6

GSBI Methodology White Paper

Learn more about how we do it in our recently published white paper.

photo Credit: M-Farm, GSBI Alum 2012

photo Credit: M-Farm, GSBI Alum 2012

For more information, email us at gsbi@scu.edu