About GSBI Xchange

GSBI Xchange provides customized technical assistance to other social entrepreneur support organizations so that they can adapt and localize the GSBI Boost, GSBI Online, or GSBI Accelerator programs in their unique environments. The goal is to share GSBI methodology and content to strengthen the social entrepreneurial ecosystem. The GSBI Xchange can be run as a group program, or one-on-one consultation with a partner.

In Country Support

The eBay Foundation has sponsored an in-depth GSBI Xchange with 7 GSBI Network members. The GSBI is supporting these organizations to integrate GSBI Boost curriculum into their service offerings for early stage social entrepreneurs.

This two-part program first convened the 7 participating organizations at Santa Clara University to share GSBI materials, promote collaboration, and work through localizing GSBI Boost curriculum. The GSBI Xchange is then complimented with financial and in-country support to run the tailored programs for their local social entrepreneurs. 

Participants in GSBI Xchange Program

Alterna Impact, Guatemala

Alterna is committed to developing the next generation of dynamic social entrepreneurs in Guatemala and beyond. Alterna’s work is focused on 3 distinct areas, all of which are mutually reinforcing: cultivating local social entrepreneurs, incubating social ventures, and fostering and strengthening the social entrepreneurship ecosystem.


Child and Youth Finance International Ye! Community, Netherlands

CYFI’s Ye! is an online platform, community and social network which connects young entrepreneurs around the world and links them to various tools and resources, as well as a free coaching program and links to funding opportunities. Ye! is an initiative by Child and Youth Finance International, with the aim of reducing youth unemployment worldwide by supporting young entrepreneurs. Partners are in Ghana, Kenya, and Philippines.


ESADE Business School - Universitat Ramon Lull Momentum Project, Spain 

The Momentum Project at ESADE contributes to the development of social ventures by means of a support program and ecosystem to enable the most promising ventures to consolidate, grow and scale their impact. The GSBI Boost was held in El Salvador.


Marquette University Social Innovation Initiative, USA

The Social Innovation Initiative's mission is to leverage the creative imagination among students, faculty and the community to solve social problems in Milwaukee and beyond.


Minga - Social Enterprise Arena, Israel

Minga, owner of the Impact HUB Tel Aviv, is leading the construction of an ecosystem that will encourage and enable social entrepreneurs develop and successfully scale social enterprises in Israel. Minga provides tools, methodology, a network of partners and mentors, as well as active, hands-on assistance to entrepreneurs, to increase their chances of success in both financial and social bottom lines.


POSiBLE, Mexico

POSiBLE inspires and supports entrepreneurs that want to have high social impact. Through several programs, POSiBLE seeks to promote talent, energy and commitment of thousands of people who want to solve some of the most complex social and environmental problems facing Mexico.


Associação Social Good Brasil, Brazil

Social Good Brazil aims to promote the use of technology, new media and innovative thinking to solve the world's greatest challenges. Their Social Good Brazil Lab identifies and supports innovative ideas to increase the number of Brazilian success cases and expand their potential to generate social impact.


Read more about past GSBI Xchange engagements with Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves, Impact Amplifier, and Ateneo de Manila University.