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GSBI Online is a 6-month, virtual program for early-stage social entrepreneurs in the validate stage. Work weekly with one of our mentors to improve your business model and growth strategy, create your business plan, and test assumptions. You get a viable strategy for growing your enterprise in a financially sustainable way with a validated business model.

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GSBI Online Winter Cohort 9

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Acacias for All

Sarah Toumi, Tunisia

Acacias for All is revolutionizing the agricultural system in Tunisia and the Maghreb area by introducing a new holistic approach with crops adapted to the climate context and agro-ecology techniques to restore soils and provide self-sufficient food while preserving water resources. 

Impact to Date:

  • 300 farmers and counting families (average of 5 persons per family) 1500 persons in rural areas of Tunisia.


Shrishti Sahu, India

Aqaya is working in the next billion domain to build platforms that enable financial and technological inclusion.

Impact to Date:

  • 400 agents use Aqaya's android mobile app to serve 400,000 accounts at a partner bank which has enabled commerce for 250+ marginalized, low-income artisans.

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Best of the Bump

Sumit Kumar, India

Best of the Bump's mission is to transform how the woman's reproductive health segment is organized, connected, delivered and experienced in a way that India has not witnessed. They provide healthcare solutions,products and services suitable to women through all important phases of life.

Impact to Date:

  • 30,000 women have been impacted through Best of the Bump's innovative MHM & Maternal solutions.


Dev Nrgee Resource

Kunal Vaid, India

Dev Nrgee Resource brings together technical innovation, renewable energy, and social business models to improve rural livelihood options. Innovations include solar-powered silk production machines, handlooms, and micro-spinning machines. These combined with financial and business interventions enable the rural poor to earn a healthy living.

Impact to Date:

  • About 6,000 people have directly received employment using Dev Nrgee's products.

Hipocampus Centros de Aprendizaje

Mexico City, Mexico

Hipocampus provides high quality care and early childhood education for children 2 to 6 years old, at a cost accessible to most Mexican families. It does so by leveraging modern pedagogy, technology, women, and community empowerment, and corporate alliances to create self-sustaining centers.

Impact to Date:

  • 40: Which represents the number of children attending a center, number of working moms whose children attend a center, and number of community employees.

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Jaan Pakistan

Khizr Imran Tajammul, Pakistan

Jaan Pakistan is an award winning social startup based in Lahore. Jaan Pakistan researches and develops affordable energy solutions for off-grid communities across the country. Their current focus is on the development and distribution of a variety of clean cook stoves.

Impact to Date:

  • Jaan Pakistan is still in its pilot stage with plans to launch operations in the last week of July/first week of August 2016.

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Mangaal Sustainable Solutions

Devakishor Soraisam, India

Mangaal Sustainable Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a social enterprise promoting sustainable energy solutions in Manipur, India. Mangaal has set for itself the mission of "sustainable energy products and services available, accessible and affordable to all" - especially the underserved populations living in remote areas with very unreliable power supply and those who continue to be off-the-grid.

Impact to Date:

  • The number of households impacted by Mangaal will be about 4900 (Number of solar home systems and solar portable maps sold by our organization to date.)

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Monrovia Football Academy

William Smith, USA/Liberia

Monrovia Football Academy is the first school in Liberia to combine formal education with professional soccer coaching. They address two of Liberia’s most pressing issues – a failing education system and gender inequality. MFA's approach is unique: use soccer as a positive incentive mechanism to break down gender barriers and improve academic performance. 

Impact to Date:

  • In this inaugural year, MFA had 27 students and 9 staff members who were directly impacted by their operations.
  • In 2017, MFA will expand to 60 students and 11 staff members.
  • As the average MFA family has 6 people, they have indirectly impacted (improved reading levels, better attitudes, more willing to learn, meals and water) 216 individuals in their first year.

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Bhushan Trivedi, India

Piconergy is a social enterprise who's mission is to provide clean, affordable and reliable energy to all through innovation in technology, consumer finance, and distribution methods.

Impact to Date:

  • Piconergy has impacted over 250 people in urban and rural India, providing them with clean electricity access and eliminating their dependency on expensive, inefficient and unsafe kerosene/candles for lighting.

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Joseph S. Fernandez, Hong Kong, (S.A.R)

Solageo empowers financially sustainable, small, and growing solar energy businesses to scale and maximize social, health, environmental and economic impact within their underserved communities.

Impact to Date:

  • Approximately 400,000 lives and counting.
  • 80,000 product shipments impacting a similar number of households. (Assuming 5 persons per household.)

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Solar Smart Africa

Tewelde Stephanos, Ethiopia/USA

Solar Smart Africa provides high quality solar lamps that can charge mobile phones, making remote households self-sufficient.

Impact to Date:

  • Sold 800 units so far.
  • With average household of 5 people, approximately 4000 people are positively impacted.

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Sosai Renewable Energies Company

Habiba Ali, Nigeria

Sosai Renewable Energies offers renewable energy products that promote a better livelihood to communities and improves the economic status of people while providing much needed energy for sustainable development.

Impact to Date:

  • 250,000 lives

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Tembo Education

Phil Michaels, USA

Tembo educates 0-6 year old children in slums around the world, via mobile phones. Their solution uses a high-quality, evidence-based curriculum to train and certify home educators o teach parents via SMS text messages.

Impact to Date:

  • 60 (thru a pilot study report, daily quizzes, Save the Children is now assessing the children’s progress pre and post trimester)

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Maria Running Fisher Jones, USA

TPMocs is a footwear brand that specializes in authentic Native American made children’s moccasins with a commitment to providing employment opportunities to Native American artisans. Additionally a portion of its profits goes towards purchasing necessities for underprivileged children living on impoverished reservation areas. TPmocs is founded on the principle to take meaningful action to address poverty in Native American communities.

Impact to Date:

  • 20 - TPMocs is currently working with 1 artisan and training another.
  • They give back to the local community and have provided diapers, wipes and clothing for children ages 0-2 to the Blackfeet Early Childhood Center (Browning, MT Blackfeet Indian Reservation).


United Care Foundation

Raja Shaleem Samuel, Pakistan

UFC provides Medical Diagnosis Camp that perform medical tests in slums and small towns for people who are living below the poverty line. Specifically they give diagnosis of Hepatitis B, C, thyroid and hospital referrals.

Impact to Date:

  • UCF has impacted more than 2500 (in 3 years) lives with its nonprofit leg
  • More than 10,000 lives (in 1.5 years) with its for-profit leg.

GSBI Online Summer 2016 Cohort 7 Final Presentations

Key Dates:

  • October 21, 2016: Applications Due
  • November 3-22, 2016: Selection Interview
  • December 1, 2016: Finalists Notified
  • January 17, 2017: GSBI Online Program Starts
  • July 1, 2017: Program Close

GSBI Online Summer 2016 Cohort 7