We'll Pave the Way for Sustainable Growth

We developed GSBI Online in partnership with the World Bank Development Marketplace. Today, GSBI Online continues to strengthen social enterprises through proven curriculum and Silicon Valley executive mentorship. 

Through weekly calls over the course of 6 months, you will work alongside your dedicated mentor to chart a course for growth and present your business in the most compelling way.

By the end of the program, you will have

  • Developed a strategy for growing the enterprise
  • Know which operational and social impact metrics count for you
  • Polished a slide deck for investor presentations
  • Created a two-page investment summary document
  • Incorporated constructive feedback from a panel of Silicon Valley business leaders into your 12-minute pitch

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Upon completion of the program, you will receive a certificate of completion and a copy of your published investment profile. You will be added to the Miller Center GSBI Alumni network of over 570 social entrepreneurs around the world. 

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I was unsure if any Silicon Valley executive could relate to our business. Exceeded my expectations. These people are amazing!
— Nat Robinson, CEO of Juhudi Kilimo

Social Entrepreneurs in the GSBI Online Program

Alexapath LLC, Haiti
Louis August

Alexapath makes microscopes smarter. In areas of the world that lack diagnostic capabilities due to a shortage of professionals or poor infrastructure, Alexapath makes it possible to transmit specimen slides to an area with better diagnostic capabilities through the use of smartphones.


  • Conducted 279 screenings during a 2014 field trial to Haiti
  • Identified 33 women who were advised to receive further treatment

Brighter Investment, Ghana, India
Thijs Mathot

In developing countries, traditional student loans are often unavailable for talented students. Brighter Investment's solution is to invest in the education of high potential students in return for a percentage of their future earnings. This provides students with a low risk way of paying for their degrees. It also generates a market return for investors with limited exposure to inflation and low volatility.


  • Enabled 25 students to pursue a degree

CareNx Innovations Pvt Ltd, India
Shruti Mankar

CareNx develops technologies to quickly deliver healthcare services to remote patients using mobile platforms. One product, CareMother, offers mobile pregnancy care through its portable solar-powered kit along with an app, which can be used by health workers for early diagnosis of high-risk pregnancies.


  • Sold 20 kits to hospitals
  • Cared for 1,500 mothers

Centro Community Partners, Brazil, US
Arturo A. Noriega

Founded in 2010, Centro Community Partners (Centro) is an Oakland-based, technology-driven, non-profit that provides entrepreneurship education, enterprise development services, and access to capital to underserved low-income individuals with a focus on women and minorities. Centro empowers underserved entrepreneurs to be effective business owners, create self-sustaining jobs, and obtain microloans to grow businesses that add to the economic vitality and social vibrancy of their communities.


  • 285 entrepreneurs participants and 50 trainers at 12 partner organizations use Centro’s mobile app and curriculum methodology for basic entrepreneurship programming
  • Trained more than 100 entrepreneurs and 100 MBA student advisors in their advanced entrepreneurship program 
  • 700 entrepreneurs have completed the BPT app
  • 500 entrepreneurs complete their business plans through the mobile app

Comprehensive Design Services, Nigeria
Chinwe Ohajuruka

Comprehensive Design Services (CDS) is a social enterprise that designs, engineers, and builds modular green housing to address the huge housing deficits in Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa. CDS is currently the only known organization that addresses the housing challenges from the perspective of the triple bottom line: affordability, social inclusion, and environmental sustainability. They believe that large-scale provision of affordable Passive House Prototypes could be the most impactful approach to reduce poverty, address climate change, and rapidly provide much-needed housing.


  • Transplanted eight households (ranging from 3 – 7 persons) from a waterside slum to a mini eco-village, where they now have the hope of home ownership
  • Achieved 70% energy savings, 56.8% water savings, and 82.3% embodied energy savings

GreenChar, Kenya
Tom Osborn

GreenChar is a clean energy social enterprise that works with communities at the base of the pyramid in Kenya. They provide customers with affordable alternative cooking fuel, made from recycled sugarcane wastes, and clean cookstoves to make their cooking experience safe and healthy.


  • Sold products to over 620 homes
  • Impacting over 3,000 lives

InPress Technologies, Global
Jessie Becker

InPress Technologies has developed a novel, patented medical device to treat postpartum hemorrhage, the number one cause of maternal death worldwide. In their first clinical study, the device stopped hemorrhages in less than two minutes, for all ten patients treated. 


  • Treated 10 women for postpartum hemorrhage and time to hemorrhage control was less than 2 minutes

KickStart Human Capital Solutions, India
Samriddhi Malhotra

KickStart ensures millions of disadvantaged youth who constitute India’s entry level workforce get the right jobs, learn from them, and realize their career growth.


  • Worked with over 350 people from low incomes and increased rate of retention
  • Minimized attrition rate to 5%, whereas industry equivalent attrition of 30%
  • Increased levels of job satisfaction: Over 80% of KickStart employees feel the highest level of job satisfaction than previous employments


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Key Dates

May 18, 2016 
healthymagination Mother & Child Program applications due


  • For-profit, non-profit, or hybrid enterprises
  • Social impact mission
  • Post launch with functioning product or service
  • Earned income model

What You Gain

  • Silicon Valley mentorship
  • Compelling pitch
  • Annual operation plan
  • Sound business model
  • Operational and social impact metrics
  • Effective fundraising strategy
  • A slide deck for investor presentations
  • 2-page investment summary document
  • Valuable connections

What You Will Learn

  • Refine your social impact model
  • Identify your target market and value proposition
  • Establish partnerships
  • Build a financial model
  • Streamline operations
  • Gain financing tools and skills

Mintor, South Africa
Leanne Viviers

Mintor is the world’s first platform to address the skills-gap sustainably. They will help millions of students find skilled employment through endorsed, paid freelance work. Their solution includes skill-task matching, for businesses to access skills for growth, and students to find short task opportunities to build skills, and support on-the-job training to up-skill students for market-lead skills in demand, while assuring businesses of quality task delivery.


  • In a pilot in Cape Town, South Africa, impacted over 26 lives, including small business owners and students (90% of whom come from disadvantaged backgrounds)

Mosavali, Republic of Georgia
Mark van Embden Andres

Mosavali provides farmers with a digital crop calendar centered on a series of seasonally relevant educational modules. For each crop or product, farmers are taught techniques that don't require significant resources and have been proven to improve output. Mosavali also increases farmers’ access to other services from actionable weather forecasts and alerts on diseases to reliable input supplies and fair loans.


  • Since March 2015, Mosavali engaged over 60.000 farmers with distance learning and digital extension

Ojay Greene Ltd, Kenya
Yvette Ondachi

Ojay Greene envisions a world with no food shortages. Ojay Greene is an enterprise with a mission to increase the incomes of smallholder farmers in Africa. Ojay Greene aggregates produce from smallholder farmers to sell them to urban markets, large urban supermarkets, and restaurant chains. This model ensures that the customers receive the quantities they require and the farmers reach profitable markets so as to earn a decent living. They also provide support and training for the farmers by assigning an agronomist to them, giving technical assistance, and training to promote sustainable agricultural practices.


  • Increased the incomes of 300 smallholder farmers in 2015 by 20% - 40%

SPRE, Global
Sanjay Patel

SPRE has developed an effective and economical “air pillow” type Flexi Domestic Biogas plant technology, using high density polymers. Unlike a conventional biogas plant, the operation can be installed in few hours, even in hilly and remote locations. The technology uses multiple feedstocks like agro waste, press mud, poultry waste, kitchen waste, and cow dung.


  • 1000 peoples from 250 families in 9 countries bought biogas plant for their cooking and produces organic farming
  • Contributed better waste management practices in remote villages
  • Employed more than 25 women in manufacturing biogas plants

ThinkZone, India
Binayak Acharya

TatvaGyan provides high-quality, affordable early childhood and remedial education support in rural India by establishing and operating a lean chain of learning hubs called 'Think Zones', which are managed by local women. They implement scalable, technology-driven educational solutions while simultaneously empowering women in local communities through dignified livelihood opportunities. 


  • Built affordable kindergarten and remedial education programs in 5 villages, with 100 paid enrollments and received 90% on-time payments

TOTO Express, India
Gary Mao

TOTO Express helps rural artists digitize their artworks, enabling these communities to access new markets for their work such as art licensing, fashion, and home décor. TOTO Express provides the equipment and training to enable these communities to digitize their work autonomously. Through their digital distribution method, they deliver a greater share of sales back to these communities.


  • Brought digitization system to five villages working with 1000 artists
  • Returned funds back to all five of these villages and contributed proceeds for general community use, which impacts the entire village ranging from populations of 2,000 to 10,000

UjuziKilimo, Kenya
Dickson Ayuka

UjuziKilimo is a solution to help farmers at the base of the pyramid improve their crop production by instantly analyzing soil characteristics and providing them with recommendations on the best farm inputs, fertilizers, and seeds to use, plus where to find them. Using a mobile platform, they also provide continuous information on crop production and markets for farmers to sell their produce.


  • Completed a pilot project of 2000 farmers and measured impact though the increase in agricultural yields and annual revenue, which rose from $300 to $1200