Get a strategy for sustainable Growth

Developed in partnership with the World Bank Development Marketplace, the GSBI Online strengthens the business model of early-stage social enterprise. 

Through weekly calls, over the course of 6 months, you will work alongside a Silicon Valley executive mentor to chart a course for growth and present your business in the most compelling way.

By the end of the program, you will have a sound strategy for growing the enterprise and seeking funding.

Key Dates

  • Oct. 23, 2015: Applications are closed
  • Nov. 16-20, 2015: Interviews start
  • Nov. 23, 2015: Finalists notified
  • Jan. 4, 2016: Program starts
  • Jun. 30, 2016: Program ends

Target Audience:

  • For-profit, non-profit, or hybrid enterprises
  • Social impact mission
  • Post launch with functioning product or service
  • Earned income model

What You Gain:

  • Silicon Valley mentorship
  • Compelling pitch
  • Annual operation plan
  • Sound business model
  • Operational and social impact metrics
  • Effective fundraising strategy
  • A slide deck for investor presentations
  • 2-page investment summary document
  • Valuable connections

What You Will Learn:

  • Refine your social impact model
  • Identify your target market and value proposition
  • Establish partnerships
  • Build a financial model
  • Streamline operations
  • Gain financing tools and skills

Recent participants of the GSBI Online Program

African Renewable Energy DistributorRwanda
African Renewable Energy Distributor provides one-stop shopping, mobile, solar kiosks franchises, providing a income generating business solution for people at the base of the pyramid. Kiosks provide services such as small electronics charging, mobile money transfers, and in the future will offer internet hotspot. 

Impact: ARED has created 25 franchises to date.

Awamo, Uganda
Awamo opens the market for low income borrowers by providing microfinance institutions with affordable, comprehensive biometric technology solutions to capture borrower data, monitor operations, and generate credit reports. This technology decreases transaction costs and default risks, reducing interest rates thus fueling economies and increasing financial inclusion. 

Impact: 250 microfinance borrowers have registered with the service.

Boomers International Limited, Ghana
Boomers is an environmentally friendly bamboo bicycle manufacturing and distribution company in Ghana. The company employees low income Ghanan youth to manufacture several different types of bicycles, frames, and accessories.

Impact: Boomers employs 17 youth in bike manufacturing.

Dazin, Bhutan
Dazin manufactures and distributes fuel cookies (small efficient briquettes) made from forestry wood waste collected by local rural households and produced in local factories. In exchange for collecting wood waste, rural beneficiaries receive free fuel for their improved cookstoves. Access cookies are sold in urban areas.

Impact: 300 people have used the Dazin system.

Electricty4all, Malawi
Electricty4all is a social enterprise which serves the renewable energy sector by supplying energy product and service solutions utilizing solar and wind for electricity and heating. E4A’s primary goal is to accelerate access to energy for all households which do not have such access to energy through conventional means.

Impact: E4A has impacted over 10,000 lives through their solar powered kiosks which rent portable electricity solutions

OCA Gastronômica, Brazil
OCA connects the gastronomy market to offer accessible and practical education for professionals, working in this sector. Through “gastronomy journeys” inside restaurants, we are able to provide a life learning and career plan. OCA’s main objective is to make all restaurants in the world realize that they can open its doors to support education 

Impact:  Since 2006, we have been operating another brand: Gastromotiva – an NGO which positively impacted more than 1,500 people who were in social vulnerability through free courses. OCA is launching the first paid course in June 2015 as a social business.

Impact Enterprises, Zambia
Impact Enterprises hires Zambian high school and college graduates to provide world-class outsourcing services such as data entry, content management, web research, and customer support, for companies, universities, and institutions. 

Impact: Since 2013,  Impact Enterprises has hired and trained over 100 Zambian youth, 2/3 of which are working for the first time. 92% of their employees state that they feel better prepared for their future careers.

Juabar, Tanzania
Juabar is a design-build company looking to build more solar-powered business devices for an off-grid world. Currently, Juabar creates electricity convenience stores in Tanzania through a network of solar entrepreneurs called “Juapreneurs.” Each Juaprepreneur lease-to-owns a Juabar phone charging kiosk, immediately offering phone charging services to their community.

Impact: Juabar supports 25 micro entrepreneurs in Tanzania which serve 6000 household with electricity services.

Liberian Energy Network (LEN), Liberia
Liberian Energy Network (LEN) provides rapid deployment of solar energy to base of the pyramid customers in Liberia.  LEN sells small scale solar lights and phone chargers at a price point to cover its costs, allowing LEN to push as much value as possible into the hands of Liberians.

Impact: LEN has distributed over 6,000 solar lighting units in Liberia providing access to sustainable electric power to over 30,000 Liberians.

Mobile Vaani, India
Mobile Vaani is a voice-based social media platform that enables people to share information over a simple phone call from any mobile or landline. Callers to the platform discuss topics related to agriculture, health, folk songs, entertainment, and other themes. This provides a unique opportunity for brands, government departments, and NGOs alike to leverage the social capital created by Mobile Vaani and get targeted impressions in a measurable manner. 

Impact: Mobile Vaani has clocked over 4 million calls, over 300,000 voice reports, and reached out to more than 1,000,000 households in the North and North East India.


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Novaya Solar, Ghana 
Novaya Solar provides solar power to rural clinics in Ghana using a modular solar booth that is easy to assemble and disassemble and transport.

Impact: Novaya Solar will provide solar energy to 10 Ghanaian health clinics in July 2015.

NxTech Corporation/Tabeeb, Jordan
NxTech Corporation is a media collaboration service that brings experts to anyone who needs it. Tabeeb is medical application of the service that brings specialist expertise to underserved communities.

Impact: NxTec's partner in Jordan provided care to 50 patients in a hospital serving poor neighborhoods utilizing the Tabeeb platform.

Small Fry, New York
Small Fry harnesses the digital talents of low-income youth to drive small business growth online. Youth gain relevant skills, build portfolios, and earn income while being exposed to multiple business industries. Small businesses get access to affordable online marketing assistance to gain new customers and remain in business.

Impact: Small Fry has employed 10 youth to enhance the internet presence of 10 small businesses.

SAI (Sustainable Agro International), India
SAI (Sustainable Agro International) works with small landholders to farm trees and grow leguminous crops on their abandoned land. This increases the farmers income and provides social and ecological benefits by empowering the farming community and improving soil health. 

Impact: SAI has worked with 55 small farm families.

Scode Ltd, Kenya
Scode is a Kenyan for-profit social enterprise that spearheads the provisioning of renewable energy solutions and Sustainable Land Use Management approaches in Kenya. Scode Ltd produces and promotes a wide range of affordable, efficient and user-friendly renewable energy solutions that guarantee performance. These solutions include improved Cookstoves (jikos), fire-lighters and briquettes, solar solutions for cooking, heating and lighting and bio-latrine installations. 

Impact: SCODE ltd has installed 60,000 HHs ICS, 3000 biogas systems, 6,000 solar products and 7 Bio-latrines in schools.

The United Africa Fruit Company Ltd., Ghana
The United Africa Fruit Company Ltd. is  an agribusiness  currently operating along the citrus and shea industry smallholder farmer value chain, providing assistance that ranges from procurement, storage, transportation, distribution and marketing – it aims to disrupt the conventional relationship between smallholder farmers and their respective value chains. 

Impact: 5,120 farmers are working with the United Africa Fruit Company.

Wello, India
Wello is a design and innovation company whose focus is on delivering clean water to a thirsty world. Our flagship product is the WaterWheel, a tool that enables people to transport more than twice as much water at one time - saving time, improving health outcomes, and increasing incomes and quality of life.    

Impact: 9000 waterwheels are currently in use.