Our GSBI mentors’ centered and unbiased guidance was absolutely critical in our ability to raise our Series A round of financing. They guided us through building our story, asked hard and constructive questions about everything from mission to roles to strategy. Our team is incredibly thankful for their true mentorship through this process.
— Jessie Becker, COO and CO-founder, InPress Technologies

Profile Of A Mentor

Some of our mentors are founders and CEOs. Others are domain experts in finance, sales, marketing and business development. Still others are venture capitalists, investors, or lawyers with mergers and acquisition experience. Most mentors return year after year because they find the process to be personally fulfilling and a great opportunity to give back.

We are looking for mentors with strong business and operational experience. While ideal mentors exhibit a number of qualities, we are especially seeking individuals with a passion to become a trusted advisor. The mentors must have the interpersonal skills to interact and empathize with a person from a different culture, who is often struggling with minimal resources and funding.

Lynne Anderson

“Why am I a mentor? It’s actually entirely selfish. My mission is to meet really amazing people and help them in any way I can do things that I could never do.”

Juli Betwee

Strategy Consultant & Growth Expert

"The work the GSBI is doing in the aggregate...makes a mentor want to invest time in this program."

Cynthia Dai

CEO/Principal, Dainamic Consulting, INC.

"It's such an honor to work with dedicated entrepreneurs who are trying to better our world, and I always feel that I learn so much from them."

Taia Ergueta

Business Consultant, Advocate for Resource-Challenged Women.

"These social entrepreneurs are doing integral things for the world. They are so open, so inspiring, so committed."


John Lovitt

Retired Sr. VP IBM.

"The opportunity to have an impact on the entrepreneurs and the constituents they serve is a highly multiplied opportunity."

Brian Haas

Vice President Customer Experience, KLA-Tencor Corp.

"In Past years I've had the good fortune to work with many social entrepreneurs working on very exciting and promising businesses and/or technologies and services."

Robert Hum

VP and GM Mentor Graphics

"Every Social Entrepreneur I have met through the GSBI is impressive. They have had: a powerful vision, the will to do something 'good' for others, and the dedication to do the hard work needed."

Sean McKenna

Managing Partner, McKenna Ventures II

"I think the beneficial part for me that I get out of being a mentor is the fact that I get to talk to people around the world that are trying to do fabulous things. I learn so much that I think it's almost silly that they call us a mentor. The learning experience for us is tremendous"


In-depth Mentoring with GSBI Accelerator and GSBI Online

During GSBI Accelerator and GSBI Online programs our mentors coach, educate, and encourage participating social entrepreneurs for one to two hours a week for the duration of our 10 and 6 month programs. 

On average, our GSBI Accelerator program participants benefit from 300 hours or more of individual attention from their mentors.The social entrepreneurs who attend the GSBI cite the mentors as the most valuable aspect of the experience and superior to other accelerators.

Workshop Mentoring with GSBI Boost

Our mentors also have the opportunity to travel and work shoulder-to-shoulder with the social entrepreneurs in their respective countries. In the GSBI Boost program, the mentors are fully engaged over an intense 3-day workshop targeted toward early stage social entrepreneurs.

Mentors coach social entrepreneurs during group breakout sessions, provide feedback as participants work through their deliverables, and have the opportunity to provide support after the GSBI Boost.

The GSBI Mentors help take the company to the next level in terms of having a business plan that would potentially reach the scale that would be of interest to us in terms of a “social impact” perspective. If the company has gone through the GSBI Accelerator, we believe that there is a greater likelihood that we can engage with the company in a meaningful way to allocate capital give the GSBI mentors have already prepared them for the questions we will eventually ask, have their rebuttals ready, have a decent understanding of the partner landscape, and their expectations are reasonably set.
— Thomas Light, Manager of Investments, Grameen Foundation

Want to become a mentor and create a ripple of impact? 

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The obstacles the social entrepreneurs have to overcome and the dedication required to succeed, compared to what we have here...the contrast is incredible. It’s pretty inspiring.
— Tim Haley, Board Member of Netflix