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"The obstacles the social entrepreneurs have to overcome and the dedication required to succeed, compared to what we have here...the contrast is incredible. It's pretty inspiring."
- Tim Haley, Board Member of Netflix

The GSBI is differentiated from any other accelerator or incubator by the quality and in-depth mentoring delivered by Silicon Valley business executives with decades of experience and connections. GSBI Mentors are successful Silicon Valley executives, many of whom are founders of NASDAQ companies, venture capitalists, and executives at Fortune 500 companies.

In-depth Mentoring

Our 87 mentors do not just helicopter in for a day, but rather coach, educate, and encourage program participants for two hours a week for the duration of our 6-to-10 month program.  

On average, our GSBI Accelerator program participants benefit from over 300 hours of individualized mentorship. 

The social entrepreneurs who attend the GSBI cite the GSBI Mentors as the most valuable aspect of the experience and superior to other accelerators. 

Profile of the Mentors

Successful executives serve as mentors for the GSBI. Some of these mentors are leaders of NASDAQ companies, or CEOs and Founders of start-ups and venture capitalists. Others are domain experts such as CFOs, sales, marketing and business development leaders, and lawyers with M&A experience. Most mentors return year after year because they find the process to be personally fulfilling and a great opportunity to give back.

Becoming a GSBI Mentor requires a minimum time commitment. Typically, a mentor will commit one or two hours per week, most of which is focused on the interaction with social entrepreneurs.

What it takes to be a mentor

We are looking for mentors with strong business and operational experience. While ideal mentors exhibit a number of qualities, we are especially seeking individuals with a passion to become a trusted advisor. The mentors must have the interpersonal skills to interact and empathize with a person from a different culture, who is often struggling with minimal resources and funding.

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Our Mentors

  • Alina Adams
  • Steve Albertolle
  • Derene Allen
  • Lynne Anderson
  • John Apgar
  • Tom Berthold
  • Anthony Bettencourt
  • Juli Betwee
  • Chris Bowers
  • Axel Bratchet
  • Al Bruno
  • Andrew Carlson
  • Sandhya Chari
  • Purnima Chawla
  • Johan Christiaanse
  • Cynthia Dai
  • Arvind Deogirikar
  • Michael Duarte
  • George Economy
  • Jordan Engel
  • Taia Ergueta
  • Michelle Ewoldt
  • Jose Flahaux
  • Jon Freeman
  • Kevin Friesen
  • Peter Frykman
  • Stephen Goodman
  • Melinda Griffith
  • Brian Haas
  • Tim Haley
  • Al Hammond
  • Patrick Hehir
  • Kimberly Hendrix
  • Robert Hum
  • Purvi Janardhan
  • Kevin Jordan
  • Lakshmi Karan
  • Theo Keet
  • John Kohler
  • Jamie Kole
  • Barbara Krause
  • Dan Kreps
  • Prabhakar Krishinamurthy
  • Dan Lankford
  • Dennis Lenehan
  • Ricardo Levy
  • Michael Li
  • Andy Lieberman
  • Alex Limbris
  • Anastasiya Litvinova
  • John Lovitt
  • Daphne Luong
  • Bob MacDonald
  • Eric Macris
  • Aya Maeda
  • Sean McKenna
  • Jeff Miller
  • Tom Mohr
  • Eric Nelson
  • Naresh Nigam
  • Ken Nussbacher
  • John O’Keefe
  • Sean O’Keefe
  • Kevin Kraver
  • Robert Olson
  • John Orcutt
  • Robert Owyang
  • Stephen Ozoigbo
  • Andy Paul
  • RL Prasad
  • Betsy Rafael
  • Preetha Ram
  • Sundar Ramamurthy
  • Francis Raquel
  • Dennis Reker
  • Bettina Rounds
  • Pamela Roussos
  • Beena Sadasivan
  • Shahid Khan Sandeep
  • Kevin Schuster
  • Bill Scull
  • Shani Shoham
  • Debbie Siegel
  • Juris Silkans
  • Tony Stayner
  • Sriram Sundararajan
  • Elsbeth TeBrake
  • Bret Waters
  • Tracy Weatherby
  • Bob Webster
  • Mark Weiner
  • Steve White
  • Phyllis Whiteley
  • Michael Wray

Associate Mentors

  • Alina Adams
  • Andrew Carlson
  • Sandhya Chari
  • Beena Sadavisan
  • Kevin Schuster

Mentors in Training

  • Derene Allen
  • Tom Mohr
  • Debbie Siegel
  • Tony Staynor
  • Preetha Ram
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