Founded in 2003, the Global Social Benefit Institute (GSBI®) serves social entrepreneurs around the world who are developing innovative solutions that provide a sustainable path out of poverty. See how we can help you scale your impact. 

At Every Stage of Development

Framework adapted FROM Blueprint to scale by Monitor group and acumen Fund

We meet you where you are in your organization's lifecycle with programs tailored to your distinct and stage-specific needs. We offer in-depth mentoring, proven practical guidance, and connections to impact investors. For-profits, non-profits, and hybrids, in any region of the world are welcome and all of our programs are cost-free to program participants.

Get Ready to Scale, Be Investment Ready

All of our programs are business model-centric to help you build sustainable and scalable enterprises. Our strong network of impact investors informs our programs to make the investment and due diligence process easier for you. You learn how to make the right ask to impact investors.

GSBI Boost (Blueprint stage)

GSBI Boost is a 3-day workshop for early-stage social entrepreneurs to outline the business and develop the business model. You gain a business plan that demonstrates your impact, growth, and long-term financial sustainability.

GSBI Online (Validate stage)

GSBI Online is a 6-month mentored program for early-stage social entrepreneurs. It is designed to improve your business model and growth strategy, create your business plan, and test assumptions. You get a viable strategy for growing your enterprise in a financially sustainable manner with a validated business model.

GSBI Accelerator (Prepare Stage)

GSBI Accelerator is a 10-month mentored program for established social entrepreneurs. It helps you address internal gaps in your organization and prepare for significant investment and massive scale. You walk away with a strategy for expanding to serve new beneficiaries or create new products, with a financing plan and connections to enable that growth.

GSBI Network

GSBI Network is an ongoing program for mission-aligned universities and capacity development organizations to share best practices, collaborate on joint initiatives, and expand the resources available to the social entrepreneurs within each member's network. Members benefit from ongoing support from like-minded institutions as well as invitations to the GSBI Xchange program. 

The Results

As of May, 2015:

- 100% of GSBI graduates would recommend GSBI programs to other social entrepreneurs

- 365 social entrepreneurs working in 61 countries have graduated from GSBI programs.

- GSBI Programs have been delivered in 7 countries.

- GSBI programs have worked with social entrepreneurs in 14 sectors.

- 87 executive volunteers comprise the GSBI Mentor cadre that supports GSBI programs. These CEOs, Vice Presidents, Venture Capitalists, and other accomplished business professionals mentor their assigned social entrepreneurs for an average of 3 hours per week for the program duration.

- 26 mission-aligned universities and capacity development organizations in 17 countries comprise the GSBI Network.


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Important Dates

GSBI Online Deadline: Apr. 22

GSBI Accelerator Deadline: Oct. 23

Macarena Hernández and the 2014 GSBI Accelerator class talk about the benefits of the program

Social Entrepreneur Sanga Moses shares how the 2014 GSBI Accelerator improved Eco-Fuel Africa.