We are pleased to announce the 2016 cohort of the Global Social Benefit Fellowship and our inaugural Miller Center Summer Chair, Dr. Leslie Gray. These 18 students will conduct action research alongside social entrepreneurs from Nicaragua to Nepal. Their research advances the Miller Center's strategic initiatives: Climate Resilience, Women Rising, and Social Impact Assessment

Climate Resilience

Asdenic, Nicaragua

ASDENIC works on agricultural development, aquaculture, food security, and environmental protection in Northern Nicaragua.

David Hong
Public Health Science

“After talking to past fellows, reading what the GSBI® has achieved, and looking at the GSBF portfolios, I truly believe being a Global Social Benefit Fellow is the next “step” of making more of a lasting impact.”

Elia Kazemi
Environmental Science

“While traditional textbook learning and background lectures are crucial to building a knowledge base, I truly believe that a college education is rather pointless without intense application in the real world.”

Aidan O'Neill

“My goal is to direct my study of economics and Spanish towards a career which enhances sustainable economic development in developing countries or economically disadvantaged communities, and this fellowship would be an invaluable milestone in my progress towards that goal."


Iluméxico, Mexico

Iluméxico promotes community development through energy access with solar powered home systems in rural communities.

Madeline Nguyen
Psychology, Spanish

“...I have developed a passion for social justice through my volunteerism, activism, work, and studies ...I have seen the importance of fulfilling a person’s most basic needs and how seemingly small, insignificant gestures can truly have a huge impact.”

Isabel Miranda

“By being a part of this program I would be following this Jesuit tradition in social justice and collaborating with different members to willingly assume appropriate responsibility for the mission of a Jesuit school and serve society’s needs."


ONergy, India

ONergy provides decentralized energy solutions to underserved households and institutions in India.

Nathaniel Bradford

“Action research appeals to me in the way that it not only offers me a chance to learn about a different part of the world, but to also make a positive impact in the lives of others.”

Erika Francks
Environmental Studies

“Many rising seniors feel the need to get an internship at a company they hope to work for after graduation, but I would rather take this opportunity to push myself outside my comfort zone, learn more about what kind of work motivates me, and make connections with social entrepreneurs that may inspire me or potentially lead me to employment opportunities post-graduation.”

Carson Whisler

“I am attracted to action research because of its dynamic and flexible approach in utilizing creative problem solving based upon real-world observations. I believe that this is the way of the future and will soon replace orthodox government and non-profit programs, which have proven to be well-intentioned Band-Aids®.”


Women Rising

Bana, Uganda

Bana produces affordable and eco-friendly sanitary pads sold by rural women entrepreneurs to improve sanitation and enable more village girls to attend school.

Christina Egwim
Individual Studies - Neuroscience

“The aspects of action research that excite me the most are the opportunities to use both critical thinking and expertise, apply classroom education in a disadvantaged community, and observe teams of professionals utilize real-world problem solving tools.”

Déjà Thomas
Environmental Studies, Communication

“This fellowship as a whole will be a much more dynamic experience than other fellowships, and that will make both me and my eventual research plans better and stronger.”


Empower Generation, Nepal

Empower Generation connects solar energy technology and women entrepreneurs in emerging Asia. 

Ashraf Hammad
Political Science

“Participation in the GSBF would provide invaluable experience living in the developing world while operating in a professional setting...”

Clarissa Nguyen

“As a Global Social Benefit Fellow, I hope to dive into the fast-paced action research that requires my ability to think quickly, adjust accordingly, and apply my knowledge to provide valuable insights to social enterprises.”


Rangsutra Crafts, India

Rangsutra Crafts ensures sustainable livelihoods for artisans and farmers in remote regions of India, by creating top quality hand made products based on the principles of fair trade and a celebration of India’s rich craft heritage.

Sandhya Bodapati
Public Health Science

“…I truly believe in the need for accessible and sustainable solutions to public health issues in developing countries. …I believe that healthcare is more than diagnosing a problem and offering a cure, but it involves protecting humanity in a long-term sense…"

Grace Matthews
Public Health Science

“The fellowship really seems to promote a symbiotic relationship between the fellows and the organizations: the fellows get just as much, if not more, than they give, and I truly appreciate the intentionality of that kind of relationship.”


Social Impact Assessment

Nazava, Indonesia

Nazava Water Filters sells affordable and safe household water filters in Indonesia. 

Meghan Carlsen

“…I still cannot believe how lucky we, as Santa Clara University students, are to have this fellowship available to us… I can think of no better program to give me the training and exposure necessary to further my discernment along my vocational journey.”

Katie Waddell

“I am very passionate about this global fellowship because I understand the value behind truly living in another society in order to fully understand it, because I understand the immense challenges I would be facing when working in an underdeveloped country, and because I have a passion for discovering how to make the unjust become just."



Solar Sister eradicates energy poverty by empowering women with economic opportunity.

Alaina Boyle

“…(the) GSBF is the perfect next step in my journey in that I can take my increased cultural understanding from my solidarity-based immersion experiences and apply it in a more concrete way through action research for a social enterprise."

Victoria Yu

“For the past three summers, I participated in internships without any emphasis on social justice. While I am certainly grateful for those experiences, I found myself lacking meaning and feeling frustrated from investing so much effort into projects without a greater purpose than to maximize profit.”


Miller Center Summer Chair

Dr. Leslie Gray
Dr. Gray of the Department of Environmental Studies and Sciences will serve as the inaugural Miller Center Summer Chair. She will direct an action research project in social impact assessment with the GSBI social enterprise Solar Sister in Tanzania. Dr. Gray will research the impact solar technologies have on African women and their families.

Miller Center Summer Chair Announcement


Thane Kreiner explains what he finds most fulfilling about his job as the Executive Director of Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship. 

Action Research for Social Entrepreneurship Education

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