Engaging Students, Faculty, And Social Entrepreneurs

Our Education & Action Research department advances Miller Center's mission through learning, teaching, action research, and reflection. Miller Center shares lessons learned about social entrepreneurship through its student fellowships, dedicated classes, Roelandts grant program, and research, often in collaboration with scholars at Jesuit and other universities. The education program leverages the unique learning asset of the GSBI alumni network of 570+ social enterprises for SCU faculty and students and the broader Jesuit educational network. 

A Valuable Resource For Your Social Enterprise

For junior year undergraduate students of Santa Clara University, we offer a fellowship that combines two quarters of academically rigorous research with a fully funded 6-8 week summer field experience in the developing world.

If you are a social entrepreneur, these students provide your social enterprise with valuable market research, impact measurement, and video and photo content for your website. If you are interested in hosting a SCU student team, please contact us

A key part of any social enterprise is to be able to track the impact of what you are actually doing on the ground so that you can make strategic decisions for the future of your business and report to external financing partners the impact of the work you do. As a lean social enterprise, almost all of our resources go to running the day-to-day business with little left over for us to track the impact of the work we’re doing. Having Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship Fellows has allowed us to bridge this gap and look at the impact that we’re having as well as providing us with great resources to share to external parties about our work.
— David O'Connor, Solar Sister
I am just so appreciative of the amazing skills, insights and sense of quality you, Global Social Benefit Fellows, displayed in this project. Working with you has been a true highlight of my involvement with Miller Center and the GSBI. Good work! You provided conspicuous and awesome value to IkamvaYouth that will really help them a great deal.
— Robert Hum, GSBI mentor and Silicon Valley executive

Action Research for Social Entrepreneurship for Education

Here's a compilation of lessons learned from our Global Social Benefit Fellowship. We provide you with a “how-to guide” for action research with social enterprises.