What Is Impact Investing?

At Miller Center, we believe impact investing can earn a range of financial returns, but most importantly delivers positive social impact.

Why Impact Invest?

Governments and charity alone cannot meet the challenges of poverty and environmental degradation. Impact investors play an important role in creating a better world by financially supporting social entrepreneurs, who are building lasting, market-based solutions for the poor. 


How Do You Impact Invest?  

In practice, impact investing is a range of activities along a spectrum, with certain investments generating higher impact than others.

  • An impact-first investment falls along one end of the spectrum and places a higher emphasis on social or environmental outcomes with a floor on financial return. However, new studies have shown that impact-first investments may not even result in a trade-off between impact and profit.
  • Responsible investing is on the opposite side of the spectrum. Investors seek to simply do no harm. They screen out investment opportunities that may harm society or the environment.

There are many investment opportunities in the alumni of our GSBI programs. 

Impact investing is actively placing capital in businesses and funds that generate social and/or environmental good and a range of returns, from principal to above market, to the investor
— Adapted from the Monitor Institute: investing for Social and Environmental Impact